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Frequently Asked Questions will help with some of your concerns but always feel free to contact us directly!

When do I need to get the flowers to you?  We like to receive the flowers the day after your wedding if possible. We will tell you how to care for the flowers until they come to us. 

How do I care for the flowers until I drop them off to you? 

Very Important - No hotel coolers. Coolers at the venue are too cold for your flowers and may damage them. Keep your flowers in a vase of water in your room overnight.

Hand Tied Bouquet - Please keep the flowers in water on the head table and in a vase of water until they come to us. If you want to take photos with your bouquet at the reception make sure someone takes a table napkin and squeezes the bottom of the stems before handing them to you. We don’t want water dripping onto that beautiful dress. 

Cascading Bouquet - hold it over the sink and pour a small amount of water into the foam holder.

Boutonnieres and Corsages - can be put into a small ziploc bag with a few drops of water. Zip almost closed then blow air into the bag and zip completely closed. You have just created a mini terrarium that will keep the flowers moist. 

Can my flowers be picked up after the reception? Yes! We charge a fee to pick up your flowers from your venue, hotel, or your home. Please contact us to see if you are within our pick up area. 

Should I send other flowers from my wedding? Yes! We encourage you to send other flowers from the wedding. Please send your bouquet and your groom’s boutonniere. Also if you have extra flowers that would match the ones in your bouquet (Bridesmaid bouquet, or table flowers) you can send one of those arrangements. If for some reason we need to replace a couple of the flowers in your bouquet we will have other “wedding” flowers to use as a backup. You are welcome to send Parents flowers, etc. We will start them in the process and they can decide later if they would like to do a small piece for themselves. All unused flowers will not be returned.

My wedding is out of the area. Can I still have my flowers preserved? Yes! Arrangements can be made to ship your flowers to us. Give us a call for more information. 

My wedding is this weekend. Is it too late to make arrangements to have my flowers preserved? It is not too late! Please give us a call. We will be happy to help you. 

My wedding already occurred. Is it too late to preserve my flowers. Through the years we have had flowers come to us in a variety of conditions. In general we need to receive the flowers within three days after the event. Sooner is always betterGive us a call so that we can better determine if the flowers are still able to be saved.

Will my preserved flowers look the same as on my wedding day? Your flowers will maintain their beautiful shape. Some color variations may occur. Reds and purples may darken and change. Whites may become cream or ivory. We may use color enhancements when needed. The changes in your flowers during the preservation process and over time will not diminish the beauty of your arrangement. 

How long will my floral preservation last?  You can expect your floral preservation to last for many years if you care for it properly. You must keep it out of direct sunlight, away from humidity, and in a secure temperature controlled environment. No closets, attics, or unfinished basements.

What is the cost of preserving my flowers?  Prices vary depending on the size of your display, as well as, your choice of design layout. We have preservations that start at $125 and go up to $700. There is something for everyone. Check out our pricing page. 

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