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  • Sign up to have your flowers preserved. We require a $125 deposit that will go towards your final balance. It is important to know that no design choices are required at this time.

  • We receive your flowers the day after your wedding if possible. We will tell you how to care for the flowers until they come to us.

  • Your flowers can be picked up at the venue, hotel, or your home for a fee. Out of area -  call for shipping instructions.

  • We start the process as soon as we get your flowers.

  • You choose how you want your flowers displayed within 30 days after the wedding. If using an invitation please bring two.

  • Your balance is due 3-4 months after the wedding. We have a great "no fee" payment plan our brides love.

  • Once your flowers are through the initial preservation process, paid in full, and we have all items needed (ex. photos, invitations, etc.) your flowers will then go to the last stage of preservation. This last stage takes approximately eight - ten more weeks (this is custom work and as such our timeline is "approximate" and can vary). 


When we receive your flowers we photograph, measure, and make a record of each type and number of flowers.


The flowers are then taken apart and infused with a a re-hydration fluid. In many cases this process will plump the flowers up from a wilted state. It is always best to receive the flowers as soon as possible and in good condition.


Once your flowers are thoroughly hydrated we decide what method to use. So if you have five different types of flowers we may use 2 or 3 different methods to dry and preserve them according to what is best for each individual bloom. 


When the flowers have finished the preservation process they are sent to the design room where they will be fashioned back into a bouquet likeness or the design of your choosing. Any additional items such as your invitation and boutonniere are added at this time.


Your flowers are then scheduled to be framed in one of our quality shadow boxes of your choosing, ph balanced mats to protect your flowers and invitation, and conservation glass (99% UV protection). 


We will then text, email, or call you to schedule an appointment to pick up your completed floral preservation.

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